Thoughts of A Conscious Mind: Dissecting and Ultimately Destroying White Supremacy

Thoughts Of A Conscious Mind (5)

The purpose of this book is to gain total knowledge and understanding of who we are as a people, what our role is in society, why the things that happen to us occur and how to rewrite our own destiny. This book leaves no lie uncovered. We will discuss Racism (the machine, its parts, how it works, and what it needs to function),  Cognitive Dissonance, Subliminal Messaging, Reparations, Wealth Inequality, the School to Prison Pipeline, Mass Incarceration, the Media, Feminism, Tribalism, White Privilege, Group Economics, Unity and more. This book is devised into two sections, the first being the dissection and the latter being the destruction of White Supremacy. Whether the reader is newly “awakened” or a seasoned conscious thinker, he or she will enjoy the straightforward, easy to read, research-reliant critical analysis. This book hopes to empower you in thought and action!

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