Black Owned Business List

                               This is a compilation of lists of black owned establishments



“Just as a family is strengthened by each member of the family making a contribution amongst one another, so to is the community strengthened by each member of the community trading and doing business amongst themselves.”


Unemployment has always plagued the black community more so than any other community within the social spectrum of America. Just as we, as a courageous black generation has taken upon ourselves the dire responsibility to stand up to the unjust killings of black men and women, under  #BLACKLIVESMATTER, we should understand that for our lives to have prestige within society, we must also take the responsibility to secure our economic growth. Why do I say this- The reasoning is clear. Without economic stability, you have very little life to matter, and crime within your community will increase. Statistics have shown throughout modern history that wherever you find poverty, you find high rates of crime. Wherever, you find high rates of crime, you find great injustice perpetrated upon the members of that community at the hand of those whom deem you humanly, educationally, socially, and economically inferior. So I say to you again, if black lives are to matter, black owned should also matter.

I do not intend to lessen the importance of the black lives matter movement. i also cannot say I am a supporter of this movement other than the hash tag. I simply want to make it known that our black lives become more secure if we add the mindset of economic growth, along with this movement.




For the list for Canada or the UK, please scroll to the bottom!


Black Owned Extension (Download):

(This downloadable extension suggests Black Owned alternatives based on your website search)


Black Owned Directory ( by state/category):



Black Owned E-Commerce Website:

(Buy from multiple black owned stores, for everything from clothing to toilet paper) from


Black Owned Social Media & Networking:


Black Owned App to Find Local Businesses:


Black owned App to fight Gentrification:


Black Owned App To Counteract Negative Interactions With the Police (Needs Funding)


Black Owned Streaming Service:


List of Black Owned Banks (By State):


Black Owned Credit Unions:


Black Owned Online Tax Company:



Black Owned Grocery Stores & Farms:

Buy Food From Black Farmers Online:


Black Owned Grocery Brands and Options:

Herbal Teas & Juices:

Draft Beer: The Harlem Brewing Co.

Breakfast Syrup:


Beef Jerky:

Vegan Supplement:


Black Owned Restaurants by City:

6 Black owned Barbeque Spots:

NYC & Brooklyn


New Orleans


Coffee Shops of Chicago:



Washington D.C.

Los Angeles




(If your city is not listed, please view the directories above)


Black Owned Pharmacy:


Charlotte N.C.: Premier Pharmacy and Wellness Center


Transportation App:


Black Owned Book Stores:

List of 54: (online)  (online)

Natural Hair Coloring Book:

Black Owned Comic Books:


Black Owned Magazine Companies: (showcases dark skinned women)

The Free Black Family Power


Safe Spaces for Black Women:


Black Owned Publishing Companies:


Black Owned Greeting Cards:


Black Owned Educational Resources:

Black Power ABCS:

Black Owned Home schooling Blogs:

Home Schooling Supplemental African and Black History Curriculum:




Atlanta Gifted Academy Pre K- 8th Grade

Students are taught STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects, learn Spanish and Mandarin, and have access to music lessons and other services not available in traditional schools.



Freedom Home Academy

11331 S. Michigan Avenue in Chicago, IL


School of Literacy Pre-School (for 2, 3 and 4 year olds)

located at 8149 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL.


The Ashaki Bochum-Kline Institute of Advanced Learning (for 5 year olds)

located at 9535 S. Stony Island in Chicago, IL.



Freedom Home Academy

15400 Grand River

Detroit MI 48227



Houston ‘s Training and Education Center



The Black Financial Leadership Bootcamp for Children:


Black Owned Day-Care Centers:



Black owned Household Product Brands:


Black Owned Toothbrushes:


Black Owned Beard Care:


Black Owned Cloth Menstrual Pads:



Black Owned Skin Care:



Black Owned Laundromats:


Black Owned Mugs, Bags & other Miscellaneous Items:


Black Owned Hotel Directory:


Black Owned Luxury Hotels:


Black Owned Wineries:


Black Owned Travel & Accomodations: Competes with Airbnb

Airforable enables you to book flights for a deposit upfront,
and the rest in installments before your departure date.


Black Owned Theaters:

Also: Open Rivers Studios (Georgia)

Coco Studios (Atlanta, Georgia)

The Lincoln Motion Picture Company in Omaha, Nebraska

– See more at:

Black Owned Automobile Manufacturing: Kantanka (Africa)


Black Owned Construction Companies:

Indiana-based Powers & Sons Construction Co. Inc.

Fl-based NuJak Construction (Florida’s fastest growing construction and property management companies)

MZM Construction & Management Co., based in Newark, N.J.

SLR Contracting and Service Co.(Based in Buffalo, N.Y. and specializing in commercial construction, management and design build services)

C.D. Moody Construction Co. Based in Lithonia, Georgia

*(List compiled using’s blog posts about these businesses)


Black Owned Paper Company:

Bathroom tissue, paper towels, garbage bags, & other household products


Black Owned Mouthwash & Laundry Products:



Mouthwash and detergent brands:


Black Owned Beauty Supply Stores:




Black Barber Shops:



Black Owned Spas:

GA: Mane Attraction Boutique & Spa (Lawrenceville)


Black Owned Hair Care Brands:

All natural hair, body and facial care products at     Download a brochure here!

(* Carol’s Daughter is no longer black owned)


Black Hair Vendors:



Black Owned Car Portable Hair Straightener:



Black Owned Doll Manufacturers:


Black Owned Video Game Companies:


Nail Polishes:

-Pear Nova
-O So Dollish (re-launching)
-Bernadette Thompson
-Lenora Nail Colors
-WAH London (UK based)
-Adore Her Nails
-1143 Nails
-Polished Nail Colors
-Breukelen Polish
-Vane Polish (International)
-Princess M Nail polish
-G-Merc Lacquer (relaunching)
-25th & June
-Bridgette Lacquer
-K2 Nail Paint
-Nasty Nails LLC
-Superstar Nails
-Lisa Lacquer
-Ooo Polish
-Poilseed Colors Llc
-Get Your Nails D.I.D



-B’elegant Cosmetics
-The Lip Bar (as seen on Shark Tank)

-Princess M Cosmetics (started by a 15 year old)
-XXIOMORA Cosmetics
-Ajani Cosmetics
-Kami Cosmetics
-Ordained Beauty
-Bovanti Cosmetics
-JD Glow Cosmetics
-Rossimodo Cosmetics
-Shawni Kayy
-Lip Fetish

– Also:



Black Owned Skincare (Black Friday Deals Expired)


Black Owned Subscription Boxes:




Black Sorority Subscription Box: (I do not think Black people should join Greek sororities; however I am adding this for someone who may be interested)


Black Owned Clothing:


Black Owned HandBag Selling Companies:


Black Owned Shoe Companies:

Nude Shoes:







Black Owned Footwear for Diabetics!


Black Owned Lingerie Company: (Goes up to DDD, Available at Walmart!)

8 more!


Black Owned Nude Tights and Knee Highs:


Black Owned Jewelry Shops (on Etsy):


Black Owned Jewelry Companies:


Black Owned Gun Manufacturer:


Black Owned Businesses For Gift & Holiday Shopping:


Black Owned Blog that Highlights Black owned Businesses Around the Globe:


Black Owned Crowd-funding Websites:


New York City List:

Black Owned Nail Salons

Black Owned Restaurants:


Black Owned in The UK

Black Owned Directory APP (U.K.):



Canada (Community of Black Business Owners)


Africa: (South African black-owned construction company specializing in Civil / Structural & Building; and Project Management.)

Black Owned Car Manufacturers:

& f


I challenge everyone to pick at least one category and only buy black owned for a year!



To continue the conversation with like-minded individuals!



                        I thank all the websites below for making this information readily available!
                            (This is not an endorsement of any of these businesses, it is simply a list!)
                                (Thanks to for giving me permission to share)

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